Surviving Berlin winter and 2024

January 07, 2024

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Springs in Berlin are awesome. Early autumn is good, summers are hot and winters in Berlin just are.

It's a good season to stay home, drink coffees, read books, best season to travel somewhere dry and warm but guess what: winter 2023-2024 baby Roman and his action sports team stays here, it seems.

If you're kind of stuck here in Berlin for winter too, and you want AN ADVENTURE here are my winter indoor tips.

Skatehalle is good

Skatehalle is an indoor skatepark near Warschauerstr. Entrance is 5eur, upper limit for street course is supposedly 40 people (30 tickets sold online + 10 that can be bought at the bar). For me, personally, it's the best when you're 10-15 people in but IN WINTER - good luck with that.

Also you will have to be aware of your surroundings because the things are in constant motion, and the second you stop anywhere - 10 dudes will crash into you immediately. I'm as relaxed as one can be in situations like that, but it's still not the most comfortable.

WHAT YOU CAN DO if you're an adult and earning money is to book one of their classes (in Block- und Ferienkurse section). Check for "Good Old Days Kurs". It's on the worst time (Sunday morning) and is the most expensive (because it's for adults) but you're putting your money into something good, so go give it a chance once.

It's way more relaxed since you're gonna be in the room with beginners, not COMPETITION SKATERS TRAINING FOR COMPETITIONS. Srsly, give it a shot, bring your friend or your girlfriend, it's perfect if you were never skating or if you skate a bit already, even if you just wanna fuck around on your own in empty park it's fucking perfect.

Ice skates season is on

Ice skates are like rollerblades but on ice, for extra jolly mood!

There are indoor ice rinks where local athletes train (check for one around you), ice rinks for private sport clubs, shitty 2x2 meter ice rinks on christmas markets AND Horst-Dohm-Eisstadion.

It's big, it's well equipped, it has the best working hours out of all of them (especially around holiday season). Go there on a nice sunny day, rent some skates (or bring yours) and GO FAST!

Been there a week a go - the hype was through the roof and next day i had a very pleasant feeling in my calves.

Jumping indoor trampolines

There's a few indoor trampoline houses in Berlin. The most central gotta be MYJUMP BERLIN MITTE. Only other one i've been too is JUMP House Reinickendorf. If you want my comparison between the two:

The one is mitte is:

  • smaller
  • "employees" are seemingly all 15yo and don't care about anyone's safety (they all just wanna practice their own sick tripple backflips bruh)
  • it's one big insane kindergarden party.

The one in Reinickendorf is:

  • bigger
  • rules are a bit more strict (because OMG RESPONSIBLE ADULT EMPLOYEES)
  • it's in fucking Reinickendorf :(

No matter which one you chose you can go there and throw some frontflips and backflips, jump into foampit, Reinickendorf had a gimmicky rope obstacle course paid separately, while in mitte you can play ninja warrior / throw people into foampit without extra pay. Both are fun, just don't go alone, bring a friend. It's way better and less weird with a friend, trust me.

You can still JUST FUCK AROUND (even outside, sometimes)

I've got this snowskate thing. Once a year when it snows in Berlin we get it out and try to roll down the hill, nothing too crazy but it's good fun.

Also if you have no money/patience for skatehalle - you can skate indoor parking lots (worst case - you'll be asked to leave). Even cooler: you can drive your RC cars and fly your FPV drones in indoor parking lots too, hohoho. STAY ON A SAFE SIDE WHILE DOIN IT, be a responsible adult please.

Extra tip in the end of "extra tips section": GO TO EVERY BREWDOG IN BERLIN. Especially the one in Marienpark. Fuuuuck me, man. Beers are there (PUNK IPA/DEAD PONY FTW), duckpin bowling / space hockey is there for you drunk fucks, you can play arcade machines too. Just for the sake of PLAYING EVERY DAYTONA game - go there for a drink. It's so lit i can imagine going there alone, drinking and playing arcades for an hour, ez.

What else is going on

For that one curious heart stalking me here: Autumn-Winter 2023 was pretty wild (in a good way). Baby Tine started a new study in university (wish her luck!), we've done all the things listed, traveled a bit, i had a short phase of GOING TO TRENDY RESTAURANTS (i'm watching too much food content on yt recently), there's been plenty of smaller projects we've done, buncha parties we've been to, only thing that could improve 2023 would be the victory of Ukraine in the war that's raging for 2yrs now.

Fingers crossed: 2024 can be that year where everything turns better. Wish you guys all peace (unless you're russian, for them I wish civil war in ruzzia obviously). Take care, I love you all, peeps, stay safe.