October 07, 2023

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You know how tango is a dance, a music genre and maybe panties? We've been to Sagres for a week and it's a lot of things as well! Here's what we did:

Rode bike

Surf house we've stayed at (good place! can recommend!) had bikes we could ride. there's plenty of stuff to discover: beaches, a lighthouse, an old fort, haven, just riding around town is nice too. And in-between those destinations you can ride trails downhill yelling T-R-A-I-L-S really loud. You know i did.

picture of Tine riding a bike

Went on a boat safari

In forementioned haven you can book a boat ride, watching dolphins, and if you're lucky whales, orcas and dinosaurs. We've only seen packs of common dolphins but guess what: for a marine biologist it's a "common" dolphin, in Berlin - no dolpins are too common, so i had a blast!

Also the captain of our boat was a real crowd pleaser so we've jumped plenty of waves. Don't miss out on this if you decided to visit, it's good fun.

Surfed a bit

We lived next to a beach, 3-min walking distance with a board. And like a total idiot i've still driven "with a school" to jump in whitewash somewhere 30min away by car. That bit - sucked. Me saying: FUCK IT I'LL JUST GO TO OUR BEACH - was awesome. Had plenty of small cute green waves, met some cheeky dudes in the water, true bromance grew there in a few days, i'm telling you.


Had lots of them.

Go visit Sagres

Man I loved that place. If Ericeira was a movie it would have been American Pie meets 40 yo virgin. Too loud, too horny, borderline cringeworthy at places. Sagres has Lost in translation vibes: less people, quieter, softer and no audible embarassing conversations around me. GOOD! I'm gonna come back and maybe stay longer this time. Best times.

Also: take your GoPro, your drone, your tele-lens and all other shit. We decided to "travel light" this time, and regretted it quite a few times. Next time i'm comming back with vengance.