Swimming pool

January 19, 2023

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Winter in Berlin is real nasty this year. There were a few dry weekends without annoying wind, when i skated the miniramp (wearing skiing pants). On average though, there's not a lot I would do outdoors. Good news tho: there are indoor pools!

Don't you dare closing the tab now, I've got two words for you:

Trampoline jumps

The pool we go to in Schöeneberg has trampolines. Every day at 11, 13, 15, 17 and 19 hrs the dudes open the trampoline ladder access, ask all other "serious swimmers" to stay away and THE REAL FUN BEGINS.

From a 1m high trampoline I would send all kinds of dives, maybe a little frontflip - cute stuff. And then there's a 3m trampoline for da big boys.

picture of me doing a christ air me sending a christ air :p

I've seen kids launching gainer flips, double backflips and just all kinds of sicko moves. You send a cool move or do an epic slam - everyone cheers. Trampoline in the pool is the mini-ramp of swimming, lemme tell you! I recommend you go there once JUST FOR THAT!

And then there's swimming, diving, holding your breath underwater and all the cool stuff

Every water game you can think of - kinda works. Diving 4m deep, training to hold your breath for a minute, you can learn how to swim some crazy sicko style if you like - it's all there too.

I've watched 11 seasons of Baywatch, that's over 200 episodes, imagine how eager I am to attempt all the cool jumps, dives and FAST RESCUE TECHNIQUES in real life.

Can't ride jet-ski or a motor boat in our pool, so I sugest you resort to smaller-scale rescue operations.

What are you waiting for ???

Find your shorts, find your flip-flops, find your goggles, a 1eur coin (for the locker) and let's go launch some flips, action boys!!!