Skating, but it's "oldschool"

July 22, 2023

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Berlin action boys are alive and even in a good mood. I've been busy with my new job, skating and we've been to cable a few times already this year! Things are going great.

My transition skating sort of plateaued till one girl from our miniramp threw a bert slide. That got me inspired to look up more old-school tricks, especially the easier ones to see what sick moves I can try out.

Googling "transition skating old-school tricks" didn't give me a list of 100 sick looking easy things i can do today. Surprised I'm writing the results of my research here. Here are some tricks I have personally started doing in mini (they're easy, go try them if you haven't yet)

Frontside layback rock

This one I've also copied from Kati, the girl with bert slide. It's a frontside rock-n-roll, but you hold onto coping. Check out the video from this dude:

First I couldn't wrap my head around it, what helped was holding two hands on coping or further out and straightening my legs, sliding the deck all the way down. That way it "made sense" and from there i've steezed it up, it's pretty sweet if you can do it fast and consistently (and not too much at the bottom of the ramp, lol)


For this one it has been tricky to learn dropping in without the back foot. I've spent an hour or so in a smaller quater learning to drop in with only HALF of back foot on board, then a quarter, then barely touching it - you got the idea. Easy move, i love it, people love it - lotta fun.

Foot plant

It's a sweeper, but instead of front foot - the back foot gotta stay on deck. I'm yet to make mine look steezy, but the potential is there.


A 10 year old tought me how to land boneless FS 180 in a quarter. Get your boneless, get some courage pills - take it to transition.

Mine is somewhere very low in transition, but i'm getting there.

More oldschool tricks

I've found somewhat of a list on reddit. Follow this link!. Check "basics" and "old school" for start and have fun. Also if there's more easy things - tell me, i wanna learn them right away!

I know it's hot, and work is tiresome and life isn't always the way you want it to be, but go skate bruh, skating is always good, no matter what.