Berlin action .. birds?

August 11, 2022

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We're back to Berlin, Yay!

I have already rinsed my salty GoPro a bit in the wakepark (to get the salt out, of course), checked out the new miniramp in Tempelhof (I keep "checking it" every day in the morning before work, bruh) and of course I'm back onto my "filming birds" bullshit. What's that exactly? Glad you've asked!

My girlfriend has built a birdhouse

And placed it on our 5th floor balcony, for all the hungry little dudes. The build was top-notch, the design was ultra-slick, yet the height was a big question. Neither of us knew if little sparrows fly this high.

I've caught crows sitting on our balcony a few times, but no sparrows, unfortunatelly. A decesion has been made: We need to spy on that birdhouse, 24/7 surveillance (or at least a bit of surveillance)

There's a huge variety of "Trail cameras", devices you're supposed to leave in the woods or on your porch and the thing (hopefully) will snap some shots of cute animals, once those get into line of sight. I was about to purchase one, till i realized i don't need any new hardware.

See, you can just set up a gopro (7 or newer) hooked to a power-bank, make it "record once motion detected" (you can do it with GoPro labs firmware, look it up) and BOOM - money saved, problem solved.

Things little sparrows do

I had too many clips and I wanted to do something with all this footage, so enjoy this funny little clip:

Big life goals for the future

I wanna try filming squirels too (and skate miniramp more, duh!)

Do you like observing birds on your balcony? Would you set something like this up after reading this? I hope you do! Send us clips to @berlin_action_boys, me and Floh would love to check them out!