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December 22, 2022

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See, me and @floh_loves_gym flew to Corralejo thinking about surf, biking the sandy trails, skating local spots and so on.

INSTEAD we both got all kinds of sick. So let's talk h e a l t h

Sometimes you just get sick, you dingus

I'm surrounded by people who clame they're addicted to sports. Well, it ain't heroin addiction, what's bad about it?

Getting injured and (or?) sick is.

See, in metaphorical "mental health casino", betting everything on sports is a trap. What if you temporatily can't do sports? Do you have a plan-b that's gonna get you as content? I didn't!


First, fuck off. This aint gonna be 7 stages of grief.

Weak and sick I kept "surfing" with others. 3 days straight I couldn't do much in water, gotten even sicker once the sesh was over and then repeated it next day. Dumb!

If you want a hint: don't be like me. You can't walk everything off, action-sports are (breaking news!) peak-performance kinda situation, and if you're not feeling well, get well!

With all the magic pills in the world, none can suppliment R E S T I N G.

Best decision I've made in 2022 was saying FUCK IT and just relaxing on the beach for a few days, letting local ladies braid my hair.

Can i have my cake and eat it too?

Ok, so you got sick, or hurt, and can't do yo sports. And "surf is your life", lol. Too bad!

Good news: you can still watch a movie, play your xbox, eat pizza and drink the drink of your choice somewhere comfy. At least one of these you hopefully can do. It ain't as bad as it seems!

People have all kinds of secret remedies: milk, coca-cola, different applications of vodka and stuff... Here's mine: I listen to "As Good As I Once Was" by Toby Keith, no lie.

Too many expectations, goals, ambition - berlin action boys leave all of these to someone with too much health. Relax. You might be back to biz in a week, or two, or in a month, or in a few years (maybe?).

My serb friend says the injuries that don't go away just become "a part of your character", once you learn to live with them. This man has a strong point there!

Mandatory Christmas bit

Christmas is comming! I wish all my sexy readers a Happy Christmas! Go buy that xbox, or that piece of music gear, or a cowboy hat and a rolex watch. Maybe buy all of that! You deserve it, baby!

In new 2023 there's gonna be more surfing, more skating, more fun stuff, MORE HEALTH, my fellow ukrainian people will prevail in this horrible war against the goddamn russians and all the action boys gonna unite once again.

Take care of yourself, nice people.