Rope Park MountMitte

March 13, 2022

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Me and @floh_loves_gym both had covid. Covid makes you weak, man, i just didn't feel like skating much or hitting the gym in the past two weeks. Not fun.

You know what's fun? - rope parks! There is one in the very center of the city, next to Beach Mitte. We have finally checked it out and BOY OH BOY did it deliver!

The prep, gear and staff

You only have to show up. The staff are gonna equip you with a harnesses, helmets and basic (approx. 3 minutes) instruction. Once you did all that, you're on your own and free to do what you want where you want (as long as you follow the rules, of course!).

You are not expected to have some previous climbing experience or be mega-fit to have fun. It's very accessible.

Staff is friendly, everyone speaks english and willing to repeat things as many times and in as many languages as necessary.

The courses

The courses are scattered all over the different floors, height ranges from 3 to 15 meters and you can access them in any order.

image of Tine on a route

Once we got lazy and tired I started swinging between wooden platforms using my safety harness, which turned to be at least as fun as completing obstacle courses.

Some routes are based around a funny gimmick (like riding a bike on a wooden beam) others come straight from SNES Donkey Kong games (walking on spinning barrels!!). I can't imagine how one can complete those "by the rules", not holding to a safety rope, just balancing, yet the good thing is: it's all up to you! Wanna cheat? - Cheat!

image of me on a route

Once i got more confident i could complete some of the "balance" lines without holding to a rope and it felt like the best thing ever, so take your time, get comfy and i'm sure there's a lot of routes you can complete "by the rules" in the end.


I say: go for it! It ain't going to become a "new life-long hobby" or anything like that, but as a one-off event it's freaking sweet and I think you gonna make some great memories there! We surely did.