More mini ramp, i guess

September 16, 2022

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The autumn is definitely here to stay.

Less "skating shirtless", more "skating in 3 layers of shirts".

First, all the good news

Floh got way better! Her Rock to fakies are solid, her Tail taps are getting there, she's got a BS Kick turn and a nice Fly-out, all good stuff! We're both definitely in the "least annoying miniramp beginners" club, and it's great!

I kept going in the mornings for almost another month now, and i feel like my progress has slowed down significantly. I've got a cute little boardslide, very shaky Half Cab Rock to Fakie and a Body Varial Rock. Not too many things to show off with (for one month) but I'm not losing hope to get a bit further this year 😊.

Oh, and there're some nice people I've got to know on the mini. Shout out to all the cool mini ramp boys and ladies!

Things I wish I knew before

Learning new tricks and watching Floh progress, I've figured there's no single "good" succession of tricks for everyone. Plenty of dudes on mini have shit I'm scared of dialed in 100%, and can't do some "basic" things i got.

Autumn stinks

There's a thick layer of dew in the mornings now, everywhere. Earlier it was enough to wipe everything with a rag, and the mini would dry in 10 min max. Now the sky is so cloudy it's no fun anymore and feels like a full-time janitor duty.

Gotta keep going! The year isn't over yet, i can still get some new chops in 2022! I bet you can learn more stuff too! Come over and join the club!