My recent mini ramp obsession

August 18, 2022

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All the cool people shredding the pool in gleisdreieck were not born this awesome, they worked their way there. And so will I (and perhaps you guys too)

So I've been skating mini ramp almost every day for two weeks

Get up, get a coffee, skate to the mini, skate mini, "other stuff", sleep, repeat!

I've been going like that for almost two weeks now, and from a nervous miniramp NOOB I have evolved into the annoying miniramp beginner! Round of applause, please!

So far I kind of got a rock to fakie, fakie rock, axel stall, a bit of a slash grind, rock'n'roll and various taps with my nose and tail on coping and such.

What's different about skating transition

To practice street or freestyle tricks I only needed a board and some smooth surface. Unlike empty pools and ramps that's "plenty of place for everyone".

Learning to skate transition strongly suggests an access to a ramp or a pool and taking turns with other skaters. Being "in my head" just won't do with transition.

Other than that, it's low impact, progression feels more rewarding (since I'm somewhere in the very beginning) and overall i'm ecstatic about this whole thing!

Big future plans

I've figured i can only do bs 50-50 because my frontside kick-turn is BAD. So my plan is slowly getting it better, some 5-0 stalls and just doing every trick in Aaron Kyro's skateboarding made simple PART 7 miniramps and stuff.

Oh, and helping Floh to catch up, thats defo on the map too!

Feel free to join and I'll see you at the mini ramp, guys!