Skating things

October 31, 2022

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I've lost my "skate mini every day" streak

And I'm glad i did! Some time ago I just figured my body is tired, a bit injured at places, i couldn't just keep going.

Another thing was me getting sick of trying the same thing over and over again. "New" moves i've tried didn't click as fast as I wanted them to, the frustration grew. Luckily I've randomly decided to go skate my favorite windy-flowy park at Heidelberger platz and it was a blast!

Variety is good. Boo..

Some of my new moves work in park, allowing for new cool lines! For example: all those fakie-rocks and roll-ins enabled me to do spine transfers. I remember being scared shitless of those just half a year ago, now here I am, spine transfering everything I can 😅

What i'm trying to say here is: the whole "spice of life" shabang is banal but also true. Torture yourself with same thing over and over again, and you'll lose your passion.

Do you really want that? Hell no! If it aint fun - do something else that's fun.

Bikes are fun

I've finally got myself a cheapo bike to get around the city (to miniramp and back, mostly, hehe). Already have been fined by bike police twice. Thanks Berlin, I guess.

Still, on a day when my knees, all joints and back muscles say "lets not skate" me and my lady go ride bikes and it's good fun

If you feel like riding a bike, or skating or both - just ping me or Floh and let's go skate, or something!