wtf are soap shoes

April 21, 2022

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Definition of the word fad states

"a style, activity, or interest that is very popular for a short period of time."

Now let's play a game, where I'll list every fad I remember and you'll nod for each one you reacall.

YOYO, everything pokemon, fidget spinners, tamagotchi, pogs, crocks, energy drinks, facebook, ice bucket challenge, SOAP SHOES... Remember SOAP SHOES anyone?

I recall seeing the SOAP ads in Sonic Adventure 2 for Dreamacst, but back then I had no idea it's a real brand name (Naive teen Roman thought SEGA advocated washing hands)

a screenshot of SOAP ad in Sonic Adventure 2.

Scrolling 4chan's /xs/ I've bumped into a SOAPING thread and that's where the rabbithole opened for me.

WTF is SOAP-shoes and "soaping"

SOAP were a brand of shoes made for grinding rails, ledges and everything that "slides" using a plastic plate in the middle of the sole (and no, the plastic plate isnt made of soap)

a photo of a pair of SOAP shoes in the box.

Like many other things in 90s the shoes had a big short-lived spike in interest and then slowly dissolved into obscutiy (getting bought by another gimmick kid shoe company that produces Heelys somewhere in the middle). What was left is a few promotional VHS tapes, that SEGA promotion deal in Sonic Adventure 2 and most notably Ryan Jaunzemis.


Remember the bad boy pro skater Chad Muska?

Now imagine how hillarious would it be if PRO SOAPERS existed too? And they did the same "drugs-groopies-gangsta rap" thing Muska did? Hillarious, right?

Seems that the dude really did skate rollerblades and had a sponsorship deal with SOAP at some point. It's difficult to 100% sure say everything else he claims is legit, but that's not the point I think.

PRO Soaper gangsta raper pick-up artist - the man lives a dream. He is a walking meme, and he 100% commits to the character. h3h3 featured him in a couple of clips "picking up hot strippers in Whole Foods" and of course soaping. adam22 and buncha other dudes throw little shout-outs every now and then too, the guy is a legend.

Srsly, watch Soap or Die it's a good laugh.

Is SOAPING comming back?

Yup. Seems like 90s nostalgia goes REAL HARD now.

The big blading company Powerslide brings soaping back, this time as Epic Grind Shoes. So far the legend RYAN JAUNZEMIS isn't on the team but I really hope they'll sign him on.

What's my verdict on all of this, after hours and hours of research?

Berlin Action Boys recommend you watching more of RYAN JAUNZEMIS, liking and subscribing. As for the shoes - I'd rather buy a pair of agressive inlines.